Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) applications in manufacturing and the supply chain.

SML Group Enables Large-Scale, Global RFID Deployment for French Retailer Decathlon

SML Group Enables Large-Scale, Global RFID Deployment for French Retailer Decathlon
Leading RFID technology and solution provider SML Group has today announced the continuation of a successful, large-scale deployment of RFID tags for French retailer Decathlon, to provide more than 200 million labels per year to the retailer’s global network of vendors.

SML Group supplies RFID technology that includes stickers and labels sewn into garments during manufacturing. The RFID chip is programmed with an individual Electronic Product Code (EPC) number to match the unique product SKU. This item-level tracking has improved inventory management and ensured better availability of goods. The system has also been proven to reduce out-of-stocks and improve customer service.

Embisphere is in charge of Decathlon's RFID label management . Embisphere is a solutions provider responsible, for selecting the RFID suppliers and ensuring the overall quality of the labels and hardware systems.

“Teamwork and communication between Embisphere and SML are the main reasons why this RFID project has been so successful. SML has provided excellent account management, smooth processing of vendor orders, flexible production planning, and above all, a strong desire to collaborate,”
said Jerome Lemay, Senior Project Manager of Embisphere. “We have efficiently worked together in support of the Decathlon program and we are pleased to see SML reach the landmark of delivering more than 400 million RFID labels over the past three years. We look forward to continuing this journey with SML as we expand the RFID solution to all of the Decathlon products.”

“SML was chosen based on its global experience in RFID, as well as the ability to deliver quality encoded labels to global locations which include Morocco and Tunisia, and we have proven that we could deliver against all orders in less than five days,” said Philip Calderbank, SML Global RFID Vice President. “In addition to inventory management, the RFID labels are linked to electronic article surveillance security tags on high value items. This allows Decathlon to take advantage of the tag theft prevention benefits to quickly identify missing products.”