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New Unitech Europe On-counter Scanner Includes Five-Year Warranty

New Unitech Europe On-counter Scanner Includes Five-Year Warranty
The new PS800 2D imager scanner is part of Unitech’s new generation of advanced but cost-efficient barcode readers as they come standard with 5-year warranty. “Wherever the PS800 is employed, this scanner is bound to make data transmission smooth and efficient at an affordable price,” said the company in a press statement.

“To meet nowadays requirements within the fast growing 2D imager market - Unitech’s new worry-free scanner is price competitive, featuring industrial features and out-of-the-box ready to use”.

When space is limited but high performance is required, the compact size and footprint of the PS800 makes it the ideal solution for space-constrained environments.

The PS800 can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications. Besides reading all common 1D and 2D barcodes, this on-counter scanner is also able to scan digital mobile barcodes (including QR codes) from various types of displays to enhance service levels, without losing scanning quality or performance.

This scanner is equipped with an adjustable omni-directional scanning head, you can move its head forward and backward to adjust the scanner to the most convenient hands-free scanning position meeting your needs.

The PS800 is available in USB/HID, USB/SPP and also supports OPOS protocol. Moreover, featuring an IP50 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and an impressive 1.5M drop specification to concrete, this scanner is built for durability into business workforce.