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New Device “Ensures Barcode Quality and Readability”

New Device “Ensures Barcode Quality and Readability”
Toshiba TEC, the imaging solutions provider, has introduced two new devices that the company says “ensure barcodes have a consistent level of quality and readability”. The T-Scan validator and T-Check verifier identify various issues before a barcode enters into the supply chain, avoiding poor traceability and the possibility of fines being issued for incorrectly labelled products.

In 2014 The GS1 Label Quality Report, based on a field study conducted in 14 countries, discovered that almost 30 per cent of all pallets reviewed had some form of labelling problem such as poor print quality, wrong serial shipping container code, application of multiple labels and incorrect product information. Unreadable barcodes will usually require re-labelling, re-scanning, or even manual entry of critical information by a human operator – disrupting the productivity of the process and causing significant loss of time.

There are many potential causes of poor quality barcodes – unsuitable labels, a worn platen roller, missing dots caused by a failing or damaged print head, or even a ribbon wrinkle could produce diagonal voids. Another major issue is the lack of knowledge regarding the GS1 standards and, for example, the importance of quiet zones around a barcode. Add wear and tear, and the quality will only get worse once the product leaves a premises.

To combat the problem, Toshiba TEC’s ISO 15416 and ISO 15415 compliant T-Scan and T-Check systems offer two levels of quality grading to confirm barcode readability for a variety of processes and vertical sectors. Used in conjunction with the innovative Toshiba B-EX series of industrial printers, T-Scan checks that barcodes are readable straight after they are printed and validates that the contents are correct. T-Check provides objective measurements of quality towards published barcode quality standards, using certain verification parameters as the criteria for passing or failing codes.

T-Scan is available on both the T1 and T2 series of the EX4 printer, which immediately guarantee that printed barcodes are readable. With the T1 series, unreadable barcodes are voided and re-printed, while the T2 series stops the printer after an unreadable barcode is detected. Likewise, T-Check is also available on both the T1 and T2 variants that keep a close eye on the barcode quality and immediately detect any issues in print quality. With the T1 series, unreadable barcodes are voided and re-printed and the T2 series halts the printer after a failed verification check.