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Cognex and Microscan Announce Settlement of Litigation

Cognex and Microscan Announce Settlement of Litigation
Cognex Corporation and Microscan Systems, Inc., announce a settlement of all outstanding litigation between the parties. The settlement includes a patent cross-license agreement that allows both companies to continue producing current models of their handheld barcode readers. Cognex and Microscan compete in the market for direct part mark (DPM) handheld barcode readers, products that are capable of reading the most challenging codes marked directly on parts. These products utilize sophisticated lighting techniques to enable decoding, the patents for which are addressed by the settlement announced today.

“I’m pleased that we reached an agreement so that both companies can focus on the needs of the marketplace without the distraction of litigation,”
said Robert J. Willett, President and Chief Executive Officer, Cognex.

“Both companies have a long and proud history of innovation. This agreement allows us to continue leveraging that innovation for the benefit of our respective customers and the market,”
said Scott L. Summerville, President of Microscan Systems, Inc.