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Labeling of clothing and shoes

Labeling of clothing and shoes
At a time of belt-tightening such as credit crunch or economic crisis more families with school children make do and hand down uniforms, rather than splash out on new ones. Parents want to make sure their children’s clothes don’t go missing. But it´s a fact that lost property at schools is immense. To avoid this, families can use iron on name tags as one of the easiest and fastest solution. It saves time and parents money. For many years Marks & Spencer as well as other school uniform shops worldwide use a unique tag-making solution for clothing labeling in their shops. So the stores can offer an attractive service to their customers. The same applies for children´s shoes which might be lost or easily be confused.

TSC´s desktop barcode printers such as TTP-343C and TTP-245C are used as a stand-alone solution in combination with KB201 key pads for labeling of school uniforms. Both models produce iron on name tags, printed on their own media by using a resin ribbon. These iron on labels have a British standard and a QR code printed on the back to show a short video of how to iron them on the clothes. As a result of thermal transfer printing users receive durable, resistant and long-lasting labels including the child´s name and other information. Additionally it´s possible to produce self-laminating labels which are printed with a resin ribbon too, and then stuck into shoes. So they help to identify which foot they go on and the name of the child because each label contains two individual foot-shaped stickers, one for each foot.

  • unique identification of school uniform and shoes
  • affordable and professional print solution
  • perfect readable information 

TTP-245C and TTP-343C Features:
TSC´s two desktop printers are ideally suited to print such labels because TTP-245C as well as TTP343C with their smaller footprint shows high performance at the best price. While TTP-245C generates 4-inch-wide labels, tags or receipts at up to 6 ips with 203 dpi resolution, the 300 dpi model TTP-343C is ideal for 2-D codes such as Data Matrix or QR, fine text and complex graphics. Both incorporate a 200 MHz 32-bit processor that offers fast “first label out” throughput, with no between-label delays, even when using its internally scalable True Type fonts. Using its standard internal Ethernet port, the models of TTP-245C series can be quickly integrated with any network. Their easy-to-use design speed up ribbon and media loading, and resellers as well as users are very happy with, because they get trouble free application and high quality prints.