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Renovotec Launches Android Rugged Rental Scheme

Renovotec Launches Android Rugged Rental Scheme
Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing independent rugged hardware, software and services provider for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and retail companies is launching a rental scheme that supports a move to Android. This latest offering in Renovotec’s ‘switch to Android’ campaign allows supply chain users to move to a modern Android environment without the need for capital expenditure, by renting a wide range of leading Android rugged mobile devices with Renovotec support.

“Companies can use rugged rental to phase in Android gradually, trialling what is best for them, or make the transition in one. Both options do away with the need for capital investment and reduce financial exposure” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard.

Android is now the best rugged mobile platform for most supply chain users say Renovotec, not least because of the alternative Windows mobile enterprise products that will soon be end-of-life. Renovotec has already launched a free Android user helpdesk.