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ServicePower Enhancements to Provide New Revenue Streams to its Customers

ServicePower Enhancements to Provide New Revenue Streams to its Customers
ServicePower Technologies a market leader in mobile workforce management software, announced today that it is releasing additional digital functionality on its ServicePower hybrid service management platform to help companies apply new revenue streams, improve the customer experience and optimize asset performance.

Our first enhancement creates an entirely digital and seamless experience for ServicePower’s end customers. The introduction of an intelligent consumer portal backed up by a rules engine, enables field service organizations to offer real time choice and visibility to customers. On a self-service basis it will allow consumers to engage with field teams, whether employed or contracted, using a single branded portal. Digital additions like the visual real-time tracking of technicians, similar to that with Uber, will help modernize the customer experience and perception of brands.

Secondly, the company will add improved planned asset maintenance for capital and industrial equipment companies that install, maintain or service high value assets.

“To grow revenue and to keep customers happy, companies that manage assets rely on maximum up time. However, without robust technology, up time is very difficult to guarantee with any accuracy”
said Marne Martin, CEO of ServicePower. “Enhancing our hybrid labor management platform with stronger IOT connectivity and predictive logic, facilitates the optimal planned maintenance schedules needed to deliver SLAs.”

Finally, the company will provide service technicians with tools that proactively suggest additional services to clients to generate new revenue streams. For example, the ServicePower platform will automatically recognize if a technician visits a certain client site and then cross reference data to provide contextual up-sell and renewal opportunities. This could include the need for a service contract to be extended or upgraded. Via the cloud, the ServicePower platform will then proactively send to the technician (on their mobile device) sales offers they can make to the customer.

"These latest innovations reinforce ServicePower as the leading provider of mobile workforce management for hybrid labor models in the digital era. Some competitors offer elements of these enhancements, but only ServicePower is offering them all, continuing to innovate in ways that simplify field service management, grow revenue, and maximize up time. By helping our clients deliver amazing services to their customers, ServicePower will continue to win new business and build upon its momentum in the market,” stated Marne Martin, CEO of ServicePower.