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Camtech Systems announce the launch of the new rugged tablet device which is designed to suit any budget - Camtech TuffLine

Camtech Systems announce the launch of the new rugged tablet device which is designed to suit any budget - Camtech TuffLine
Many businesses rely on rugged tablets to run their business. For them, using a consumer grade device is simply not an option. Consumer devices do not stand up to the daily wear and tear of using a tablet device in a rugged environment. This applies to industries such as: transport/logistics, construction, warehousing, outdoor surveying and more. The TuffLine offers an industry-first solution, providing a rugged tablet at an affordable price.

The Camtech TuffLine is built to withstand accidental user damage and is protected against drops. Camtech Systems are even offering an unlimited accidental damage guarantee for this product: any tablets which are damaged will be replaced free of charge and with next-day delivery. Additionally, the product comes with the ongoing software support of Camtech Systems and a 12 month hardware guarantee.

The aim of the product is to meet the specifications for single app-based scenarios without hampering productivity and without unnecessary higher costs for unused features. Specification-wise, a product with old or cheap hardware struggles to keep up with just running the latest operating system and leaves nothing left for running applications. That’s why the TuffLine includes an Intel Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, adequate storage options with the ability for expansion, and wireless communications for remote functionality. There is also an upgrade to 4GB RAM, 4G LTE available on request. Darrell Newman, Camtech Systems’ Managing Director, says: “For a long time now, the industry has been crying out for a great rugged product at an affordable price-point. The TuffLine fulfils this market need perfectly, giving a balance between ruggedness and affordability”.

Prices for the Camtech TuffLine start at £450 (Ex. VAT), which is substantially cheaper than any other rugged tablet on the market. This presents businesses with a very good value for money rugged solution. This product brings together a desirable package with enough functionality to be ideal for a vast number of deployment scenarios where cost and reliability are key factors.

The TuffLine sits alongside Camtech System’s range of Rugged Tablets, Laptops and Phones from Panasonic, Ruggon, Getex, Xplore and other manufacturers. This enables Camtech Systems to offer solutions for any environment including the ultra-rugged hazardous environment.

The TuffLine is available with next day delivery, to make an enquiry please call Camtech Systems on 0800 180 4346 or email. All product details can be found at: