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IPO Technologie presents FUTURA: Panel PC 'all in one'

IPO Technologie presents FUTURA: Panel PC 'all in one'
IPO Technologie presents FUTURA: Panel PC "all in one". A true summary of the technical and technological capacities of IPO Technologie, FUTURA is commercialized in a format never used by before in this company.

Aware of of the industrial computer market maturity in France and the need for French SMEs to open to exports, the IPO Technologie management wished, end of 2014, to launch a new Panel PC that, while enjoying the advantages developed for the historical ranges of IPO Technologie open the way to new opportunities and mark the reference point of a new future for the company, its products, projects and operations.

From this consideration was born a panel PC called FUTURA.

Main features (standard configuration) of FUTURA :
  • Fanless rugged Panel PC durci 
  • Monitor 15,6’’, 18,5’’ or 21,5’’ - Format 16:9 
  • Touch screen technology PCAP – 10 touches – suited to Windows 7-8-10 
  • Memory : 4 Go / 8.0 Go 
  • SSD : 120 Go / 240 Go 
  • Chassis in aluminium anodised 1.5 mm – corner in polycarbonate 
  • Protection IP65 on front face 
  • 2 processors available: Intel® Atom™ Quad Core E3845 or Intel® Core™ i5 5350U. 
  • warranty 5 years 

These differences « made in » FUTURA :
IPO Technologie FUTURA Panel PC has a wide range of options and customizable options to adapt the panel PC to its environment. Its new design reveals a handle on which could be fixed short or long option box. These options boxes provide access to complementary functions. Fully customizable, based on users requirements, these boxes allow: USB ports, Emergency stop button, RFID reader, RS-232/485, LAN, Function keys… - other functions are available on request.

FUTURA strengths:
  • PCAP Touchscreen: While the majority of our competitors have opted for a glass / film / film technology, IPO Technologie has chosen a touch screen with projected capacitive technology ie: glass / film / Glass - 10 simultaneous touches possible. Despite a higher cost, this technology has been chosen for its best resistance over time, its high resistance to temperature variations, high robustness and safe use. 
  • Anti-glare treatment of the screen: this treatment allows a better distribution of the light diffusion and thus contributes to the visual comfort of the user, but this technology also facilitates the fluidity of use of the screen especially with gloves. 
  • CPU IB909: Here again IPO Technologie has chosen the high quality product by integrating a CPU card that allows the processor to continuously adjust its frequency and thus regulate its energy consumption, a more economical but also obvious Since this functionality also facilitates the installation of the fanless solution. 
2 Antennas: The FUTURA has 2 antennas of the PATCH type of 2 different polarizations. In addition to the obvious space saving of this solution, these dual antennas have a wide field of coverage allowing the FUTURA to adapt easily and quickly to their business environments.