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New Handhelds “Making UK Online Collection Easier”

New Handhelds “Making UK Online Collection Easier”
Honeywell says its handheld computers are making it easier and more convenient for U.K. shoppers to collect their online purchases from Amazon within 12 hours of placing their orders.

Pass My Parcel, an e-commerce service in the U.K. launched by Smiths News, is implementing Honeywell handheld computers at more than 3,000 parcel shop locations across the country. The service, available at stores seven days a week, provides shoppers with a convenient solution for picking up their online purchases. In addition, shoppers can return purchases at the retail stores without having to find or print a return label.

“As e-commerce continues to grow, retailers are investing in new technology to make the click-and-collect process more convenient for shoppers,” said Lisa London, president of Honeywell’s Productivity Products business. “With easy-to-use handheld devices, store staff can provide a high level of customer service, and retailers can reduce time and costs associated with training.”

Using the Honeywell devices, store associates can quickly locate and retrieve a shopper’s purchases to provide a fast and convenient customer experience. Once they place their orders, e-commerce shoppers receive a confirmation code on their personal smartphones, which are then scanned at the store.

Honeywell’s ScanPalTM EDA50 enterprise handheld computer features an intuitive user interface, a five-inch touch screen and runs on the AndroidTM platform. The device supports Blackbay’s Fluid software application that facilitates the delivery of the online order process.