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Construction Sector Giant Saint-Gobain Partners With RELEX in Nordic and Baltic Regions

Construction Sector Giant Saint-Gobain Partners With RELEX in Nordic and Baltic Regions
Saint-Gobain, the Paris Headquartered, construction sector manufacturer and retailer, is to use RELEX’s forecasting and replenishment technology to boost availability, cut inventory and integrate its supply chain across its DCs and stores throughout its Nordic and Baltic operations. The company operates in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Poland under the brands Brödrene Dahl, Dahl, Optimera and Tadmar with 400 stores supplied from six central warehouses.

Saint-Gobain moved to replace its existing replenishment software after concluding it needed a more modern solution with a wider range of tools and features that would allow it to adapt and respond quickly to changes in a highly-competitive market.

“Our previous system lacked the power and the features we need to run a modern supply chain,” says Thomas Johansson, Supply Chain Manager with Optimera in Sweden. “RELEX has the power, the agility and the tools to help us stay competitive. It also has local teams in all the countries it operates in so our RELEX colleagues speak the language and understand the culture.”

The solution is already being implemented for Optimera and Dahl in Sweden and for Brödrene Dahl in Norway. The rest of Saint-Gobain’s Nordic and Baltic brands will follow in due course.

A key goal of the project is supply chain integration. “Our goal is to ensure that our ordering into the DC is based on sales in stores,” says Øyvind Stabæk, Supply Chain Manager at Brödrene Dahl. “By tracking over- and under-stocking throughout our supply chain we know exactly what our total on-hand inventory is and what’s been ordered.”

“That’s hugely challenging, even for a business with the resources that Saint-Gobain has at its disposal, but with the right technology at our fingertips it becomes both possible and practical.”

“Customers in building and construction shop carefully on price and quality,” says RELEX’s Director of Sales in Scandinavia, Christian Brunberg. “The competition is tough. The market is always changing.”

“This is a sector we’re very familiar with and we know RELEX can give Saint-Gobain the agility, visibility, and responsiveness it needs to ensure its customers always find what they need and at the best price.”