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Solteq has acquired share majority of Analyteq Oy

Solteq has acquired share majority of Analyteq Oy
Solteq has acquired share majority of Analyteq Oy. Analyteq Oy specialises in producing a stock replenishment service based on demand forecasting and an analytics service based on supply chain management. The company works in close cooperation with the software company Relex Solutions that has several international awards under its belt from their systems that support demand forecasting, stock replenishment, and selection and space management. One of Analyteq’s fortes is the efficient and versatile utilisation of these systems to optimise the customers’ processes.

Optimising the delivery chain improves operations and makes them more ecological
In recent years, customers have become more aware and demanding than before as consumers. This is particularly evident in the grocery trade. The different media often discuss delivery chain wastage management, the amount of food thrown away, and the ethicality of operations. At the same time, demands for extensive selections and aisles filled with goods have also grown.

In this conflicting situation, the different stores need to seek the most optimal solutions, where on the other hand they wish to ensure a delivery chain that is as efficient as possible without compromising product availability, providing fresh products, and offering visually appealing stores - all of which are essential to providing a good customer experience.

  • In practice, the analytics service for stock replenishment enables, if so desired, outsourcing the replenishment ordering completely to us – this is an issue that has previously constituted a highly sensitive area of business. In addition, we have - among the first companies in Europe - enabled automating the ordering of fresh produce to stores by lowering product wastage on the one hand, and by improving availability on the other, says Business Owner Tuomas Brunou of Analyteq Oy.
  • With the entry of Solteq as one of the owners of Analyteq, we have a great asset in developing our business. We now have experts of a very extensive product and service portfolio sitting at the same table, and producing more synergy benefits for the customers is inevitable. One example is a vision of the seamless integration of ERP, cash, and online store systems with systems supporting stock replenishment and selection management. This is further enhanced by service production that includes advanced analytics to optimise the delivery chain, states Ilkka Brander, Director in charge of Solteq’s Customer Solutions. 

Solteq owns 51% of Analyteq Oy’s share capital, and Tuko Logistics Osk has a share of 49%. Analyteq Oy is a new company into which Tuko Logistics Osk has corporatised their business focused on store and stock replenishment services. This conditional transfer has been announced on February 16, 2017.