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Food Colouring Specialist Boosts Supply Chain Performance with Logility

Food Colouring Specialist Boosts Supply Chain Performance with Logility
Sensient Colors (sic), a global leader in food and beverage colouring, has achieved significant benefits since deploying Logility Voyager Solutions™, including improved visibility across the organization, a double-digit increase in forecast accuracy, and improved service levels through closer collaboration with its customers.

Sensient Food Colors operates a global supply chain providing key ingredients to the food and beverage industry. Moving away from its historical reliance on a combination of ERP solutions and homegrown spreadsheets, the company selected Logility Voyager Solutions for several reasons, including the solution’s rich visual interface, capacity to evaluate multiple “what-if” scenarios, as well as the ability to collaborate with internal and external partners and provide advanced analytics to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Logility’s comprehensive optimized planning solution has helped transform the Sensient Food Colors supply chain.

“Our customers have come to rely on our ability to produce and deliver the right products that will enable them to meet their business needs,” said Kelly Tilton, US Food Colors Supply Chain Director, Sensient Food Colors. “With Logility Voyager Solutions we have the visibility to accurately plan both internal and external demand, which has helped us be more strategic and proactive in aligning our sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution operations. We have achieved significant double-digit improvements in forecast accuracy and increased service levels, allowing us to serve our customers better.”

Serving food and beverage manufacturers, Sensient Food Colors operates two or three levels away from the retail front lines, which presents problems with demand latency and the bullwhip effect, making demand and supply planning extremely challenging. The company turned to Logility to help overcome these complexities by improving visibility to customers and across the intra-company supply chain. Logility’s real-time reporting and analytics allow planners and executives to generate insightful “what-if” scenarios that can answer complex business questions and help managers determine the best course of action with a high degree of confidence in their decisions.