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Cargobase Launches New ‘Lane-Contracts’ Feature

Cargobase Launches New ‘Lane-Contracts’ Feature
Cargobase, an online platform for ad hoc freight, has successfully launched a much-requested feature by Fortune 500 multinationals in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The feature allows shippers to better manage - on a single platform - both spot-buy lanes and pre-negotiated lanes within ad hoc freight procurement.

Shippers are now able to assign Lane-Contracts - which have been pre-negotiated, perhaps through a tender, based on address, airport and freight mode - to a provider of choice. This allows shippers to view offers and/or work simultaneously with multiple providers already with lane-contract rates on rack, instead of viewing only spot-buy rates. The feature is ideal for irregular shipments that happen often enough for providers to put a rate in place for a certain period, like “Next-Flight-Out” or “Hot-Shots” for example. The feature is now live.

Ad hoc freight is any freight service that falls outside the regular, pre-planned supply chain, usually procured through a spot-buy process. Typically, ad hoc freight is associated with high costs and inferior management, and puts supply chains at risk.

Ad hoc freight is a multi-billion-dollar market; companies across various industries spend $350 billion per year on it, a number that is currently growing, due to shorter product life-cycles, demand driven production and more complex products.