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CargoPlanner Launches Third Module in Breakbulk Optimising Software

CargoPlanner Launches Third Module in Breakbulk Optimising Software
CargoPlanner in Sweden is now launching the third module in what it calls its “state-of-the-art” online software for planning and optimizing breakbulk and project cargoes in ships.

Following the successful developments of CargoPlanner for Containers and CargoPlanner for trucks and trailers, the Ships module is dedicated to the breakbulk and project cargo sector.

All CargoPlanner modules are based on an interactive web application in 3D. The software imports Excel or PDF cargo lists into the software, thereafter the user can build any type of ship by entering the dimensions of the holds. Thereafter the cargo list will be merged into the ships holds.

All cargo units can be moved in the hold by intuitive “snapping points”. The users can also dedicate areas in the holds for heavy-lifts in reserved zones.

The “Centre of gravity” for every cargo hold will be given for entering into the stability calculations.

Cargo plans can be printed or sent, as PDF’s to mail receivers. CargoPlanner for ships can be used by the chartering department for finding the right ship or by the cargo handling department for the final planning of vessels, as well as for stevedoring companies and terminals.