Demand Planning / Forecasting

Demand Planning Systems, Demand Forecasting, Scheduling, Execution, Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment, Sales & Operations Planning(S&OP) and improving quality control functionality. Selected For Ports Congestion Reduction Scheme

17-Mar-2016 Selected For Ports Congestion Reduction Scheme, the leading software solution to automate matchbacks in Europe and North America, has been selected by De Verkeersonderneming to take part in the inaugural Marktplaats Voor Logistiek program, which aims to reduce congestion around ports during rush hour.

“We are honoured to participate in such an important programme,
” said André van der Zwaan, Managing Director for MatchBack Systems in Europe. “Sustainability is one of the core objectives of our company and we want to make sure that we do what we can to preserve our planet for future generations. We believe Marktplaats Voor Logistiek is an important step in the right direction.”

The MatchBack Systems’ patent-pending algorithm matches import containers and export bookings inland to minimize the kilometres driven, increase container efficiencies, reduce costs and emissions. “No one in the industry approaches matchbacks the way we do to automate matchbacks, provide container optimization and give the planner guidance,” added Van der Zwaan.

"The accessibility of the port of Rotterdam is of great importance for the economy of Rotterdam, as well as for the Netherlands. Therefore, we are proud that the first ten companies get started in the market for logistics," says program manager Logistics Gerard Eijkelenboom of De Verkeersonderneming.

The nine other companies selected for the programme include: AMCS Routing Portal Container Transferium Alblasserdam, Logistics Centre Gorinchem, Container Monitor, Container Krimpenerwaard, Poseidon Logistics Intelligence, ContainerMATCH, Traffic Centre for Construction Logistics and Carpooling for Cargo.