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More Planning Security for large Construction Sites

More Planning Security for large Construction Sites
More logistical planning security for large construction sites: An IT solution developed by AXIT is the foundation on which the various participants in a large construction site can better coordinate their logistical activities. The basis for this is the Europe-wide leading logistics platform for delivery chain management: AX4. It makes for increased transparency in construction site transports and gives the responsible coordinators at the construction site insight into the continuous communication flow at any time.

Through the cloud-based IT platform all companies which are included in the realization of a construction project can be easily integrated. The access to the online platform is quickly possible for authorized partners of working groups and suppliers, independently of system requirements, e.g. through any web-capable device.

“The temporary cooperation of a large number of different service providers on a large construction site does not justify an IT solution that is costly and elaborate to implement”, says Frauke Heistermann, member of AXIT’s management. “All partners need to be able to integrate with the processes quickly and easily. AX4 fulfills these prerequisites.”

The AX4 solution on construction site logistics includes numerous functions like shipment management with forwarders, goods and time slot management or call-off management and tracking of suppliers’ shipments. The functionality is enhanced by meaningful features like a freight cost calculator.

A Control Tower is integrated; it fulfills a function which is vital for large construction sites:
If there are discrepancies from a pre-alerted delivery in the logistical process the system will sound the alarm – automatically.

Advantage for the construction site’s logistic people: The availability and transit time for required materials can be determined at any given time. Freight cost is reduced as unnecessary restocking of undetectable materials can be avoided. Standardized processes replace Excel workbooks which do contain a lot of knowledge but also a lot of complexity.

All services and aspects of IT solutions for construction site logistics have been included in a new whitepaper which can be obtained free of charge at