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Savi Announces Breakthrough New Sensor Priced at $50

Savi Announces Breakthrough New Sensor Priced at $50
Savi®, an innovator in big data/machine learning analytic solutions, supply chain management software and sensor technology, today announced the Savi Locate Sensor, which will be priced below $50 for 100 or more. The new price point makes Savi’s award-winning sensors affordable to organizations that seek supply chain transparency and efficiency by tapping into the power of the IoT (Internet of Things) and analytics.

“Savi Locate™ is a game changing addition to the Savi Suite of Intelligent sensors. This price point should enable mass adoption in the supply chain,” said Brian Moran, VP of Products at Savi. “Savi sensors are highly reliable, rugged and reusable. Because Savi has specifically designed these sensors for use in supply chain orchestration, they are fully integrated with our suite of live streaming visibility and big data analytics software, Savi Visibility™ and Savi Insight™.”

Savi Locate provides location and timestamp in milliseconds for real time visibility and precise ETA (estimated time of arrival) for any shipment, any mode. In addition, Savi can use data from third party sensors, electronic logging devices (ELD), GPS and electronic data interchange (EDI) data to provide the most comprehensive and reliable visibility for the modern supply chain. Savi also offers a tamper and environmental sensor, Savi Secure™. Both sensors are tightly integrated with Savi Visibility – for real-time Visibility and Savi Insight to provide the most trustworthy data for live streaming facts on goods in transit.

Savi Visibility delivers the ability to see end-to-end movement of multiple mode shipments and precisely predict when shipments will arrive at their destination. Savi Insight benefits from its massively scalable IoT big data platform and proprietary machine learning engine to provide highly accurate predictive ETA and insights for prescriptive analytics. Both Savi solutions ingest live streaming data and machine learning models are applied to massive, live data streams to predict ETAs that are accurate within minutes — giving shippers, carriers and 3PLs a competitive advantage.