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Mobile Product Configurator Updated

Mobile Product Configurator Updated
Datalogic is pleased to introduce a major update to the Mobile Product Configurator! The Mobile Product Configurator provides a quick and easy way, using point and click images, to configure a device and derive the correct part/model number.

There is also a complete Accessory Guide, providing pictures and part numbers to easily select the correct accessories for each mobile computer. In addition to configuring the model and accessories, an integrated Industry/Application guide is available to help you select the appropriate mobile computer for a Partner that is not familiar with Datalogic products.

Features and Benefits
  • Configure any mobile computer product quickly and easily 
  • Access images of all options and accessories for easy selection 
  • Includes the ability to select appropriate product by market or application: 
  1. Retail 
  2. Transportation and Logistics 
  3. Factory Automation 
  4. Healthcare 
  • HTML5 browser-based application - works on most any computer including tablets 
  • Only allows currently available configurations 
  • All Datalogic Mobile Computers are included: 
  1. DL-Axist™ 
  2. Elf™ 
  3. Lynx™ 
  4. Memor™ X3 
  5. Joya™ X2 General Purpose (GP) 
  6. Skorpio™ X3 
  7. Falcon™ X3+
Access the Updated Mobile Configurator