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Data Storage Product Brands For Sale

Data Storage Product Brands For Sale
An opportunity in the intensely competitive world of data storage has arisen with an intellectual property (“IP”) asset sale by Metis Partners, a commercial intellectual property consultancy.

Metis Partners is bringing to the market the IP assets of Data Safe-Media Limited, which owns a number of data storage product brands and is associated with E-Net Distribution, one of the largest providers of data storage technology in the world.

Metis Partners has been instructed to support a UK and worldwide marketing campaign for the IP assets of Data Safe-Media which include the goodwill and reputation in the Datasafe and Datawrite brands, registered trademarks, websites and branded domain names, and a database.

The opportunity is expected to be of considerable interest to those operating in software development, data storage device manufacturing, computer hardware and infrastructure manufacturing.

The sale also reinforces Metis Partners' expertise and reputation in brand sales, which includes the successful sale of Bank, Internacionale, Allders, Ortak, Land of Leather and the PaperlinX paper brands.

Nat Baldwin of Metis Partners, who is co-ordinating the marketing drive for the IP asset sale, said: "Big data plays a crucial role among businesses today. 90% of the world’s data did not exist two years ago. Increasingly, companies have been commercialising valuable data gathered through the licensing or selling of customer data.”

"In branding data-related products or services, Datasafe and Datawrite in particular are renowned brands which have a proven track record of commercial success, and opportunities for brand extension are extensive."

Brands for sale within the Data Safe-Media IP asset portfolio include:
  • Datasafe: an established revenue-generating software product brand, which has been licensed to a multinational computer technology company; 
  • Datawrite: one of the most widely recognisable and respected brands in the field of data storage products; 
  • Bulkpaq: a leading brand in the European digital media market; 
  • Ridisc: a leading brand in the European data storage market; 
  • Zero Defex: a product brand associated with optical media accessory products; 
  • TuffDisc: a product brand associated with quality data storage device products including CD-Rs and DVDs. 

All offers should be submitted directly to Metis Partners by noon on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.