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JDA Introduces JDA Express for Enterprise Planning Enabling Retailers to Achieve Rapid ROI

JDA Introduces JDA Express for Enterprise Planning Enabling Retailers to Achieve Rapid ROI
JDA Software, Inc., today announced JDA Express for Enterprise Planning (EP) – a new set of pre-configured implementation templates and best practices that offers deployment in as little as nine weeks, so companies go live up to 50 percent faster than standard deployment times. Leveraging JDA Cloud Services, JDA Express enables retailers to deploy JDA® Enterprise Planning in the cloud for a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. JDA Express for EP leverages consumer demand to create sales and inventory goals that maximize profitability, optimize inventory and minimize financial risk across every channel and key product area.

“With JDA Express for EP, we open the door to emerging retailers and those that desire a highly functional and scalable solution to take their business to the next level,” said Duane Kotsen, senior vice president, professional services, JDA. “These customers can now enjoy robust what-if capabilities to identify sales and margin opportunities, leading to bottom line growth through additional sales lift while also reducing out-of-stocks and, as a result, inventory carrying costs. All of this can be delivered with an unprecedented nine-week deployment for rapid time-to-value.”

JDA Express for EP delivers enterprise merchandise planning capabilities to retailers who need deeper functionality than their current solutions can provide, especially for companies still relying on manual, Excel-based processes. Pre-configured templates give retailers configuration, design and training programs that create a solid foundation for strategic business growth and deliver faster customer value.

JDA Express for EP key features include:
  • Inventory Reduction: With detailed intake planning and Open-to-Buy management, customers can plan the right amount of inventory to meet consumer demand in the right channels 
  • Improve Gross Margin: Retailers can reduce out-of-stocks, capture potentially lost sales and gain additional sales lift with complementary product mixes or accessory items 
  • Increase Planner Productivity: Automated processes enable a reduction in time-consuming manual tasks, thus increasing planner efficiency and freeing up time to execute on strategy 

“For many retailers— especially smaller, up-and-coming retailers — planning is a difficult challenge that seems to be supported by ad hoc collaboration and numerous Excel spreadsheets. The result, too often, is long planning cycles that prevent retailers from responding proactively to market trends or conditions,” said Steve Rowen, managing partner, Retail Systems Research. “Retailers need an enterprise merchandise planning solution but don't have the resources available for what that used to cost. So now they are looking for solutions that utilize pre-configured templates with the option to customize. These are the kinds of technologies that can get retailers running faster than ever, creating a solid foundation for strategic business growth.” 

JDA Express for EP is available now – learn more here!