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Kaleido Launches Acceleration Programme For Logistics Tech Startups

Kaleido Launches Acceleration Programme For Logistics Tech Startups
Kaleido Logistics, together with RocketSpace, has launched the first acceleration programme for startups in logistics, named Logistics Tech Accelerator.

This initiative will connect logistical challenges of companies with tech and disruptive startups. Its purpose is to promote industrial innovation in the sector, as well as combine Kaleido's tech approach to disruptive logistics solutions and open innovation ecosystem with the startups environment knowledge of RocketSpace.

Logistics Tech Accelerator is part of the open innovation ecosystem that Kaleido drives, its main objective being to identify and put together the expertise and knowledge of various companies, organisations and the best startups, assuming together the challenge of rethinking logistics.

Since 2008, Kaleido has maintained on building its innovative history, applying technology to its activities and always aiming for logistics efficiency. It has continued developing other products and services, which are added to its portfolio. The unique approach to business allows the company to offer tailored solutions, the most relevant milestone being the recent achievement of its open innovation ecosystem.

"A tech approach to all logistics projects is a must and part of our core business," said Xoán Martínez, CEO of Kaleido. "To accelerate our initiatives, it’s critical to evolve toward an open innovation approach where we can pair our global logistics knowledge with the industry’s brightest startups to create cutting-edge tech solutions."

This four-month programme challenges the startups to accelerate their projects in order to achieve scalable and measurable results. In addition, it will provide acceleration, piloting, and plunge in the real market, training, relationships and funding rounds.