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New Service to Help Small Businesses in Tech Growth Sectors

New Service to Help Small Businesses in Tech Growth Sectors
A Guildford, Surrey (UK) accountancy firm has launched a new cost-effective service to support start-up businesses in the digital, games and apps market which Guildford is becoming increasingly renowned for.

Alliotts Accountants has developed Omnia, a product and service designed for those businesses involved in developing apps and for those in the digital and creative industries.

Nick Watterson from Alliotts, who has developed the new product said:
“Although it’s one of the UK’s fastest growing sectors, the majority of digital and creative businesses are not multinationals. Most are tight knit teams of two or three people passionate about building their apps, games, software or design ideas into a solid business.

“The idea behind Omnia is to give start-ups in these sectors a way of budgeting for their accountancy costs well in advance. Because we work closely with digital and creative businesses we know that cashflow is sometimes squeezed and it can be a real pain not knowing what you need to budget for month to month. As well as offering Omnia, we can introduce growing innovative businesses to the various tax reliefs and incentives that you be may eligible for and help you by being a sounding board for your future plans.”

Creative, digital and technology industries have proliferated across Guildford and the South East over the last five years. In fact Guildford is often cited as a hub for the UK gaming industry with some well known names making it their base including EA’s Criterion Studio and Lionhead studios.