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Kerry Logistics Opens New IT Development Centre In Penang

Kerry Logistics Opens New IT Development Centre In Penang
Leading logistics service provider Kerry Logistics Network Limited opened its first IT Development Centre in Penang, Malaysia today, to harness internet technology in support of its international operations.

As part of its overall IT development strategy the company will use the facility in Penang as an offshore support centre to share resource amongst different offices globally, in a bid to increase operational efficiency at lower costs.

Penang’s economy has been developing fast in the past 10 years. MDeC, incorporated in 1996, is committed to nurturing Malaysia’s leadership in the information age. Its mission is to spearhead Malaysia’s digital economy by enhancing the country’s status as a global hub and a preferred location for ICT industries in the Asian region. Over the years, Penang has attracted investments from multinational corporations and has built up its reputation as the ‘Silicon Valley of the East’.

At the opening ceremony, George Yeo, Chairman of Kerry Logistics, said, “The Penang Government has played an important role in promoting the IT development of this city, making it one of the preferred Asia technology bases of many international IT giants. Establishing our IT Development Centre in this dynamic city will provide us readily available local IT resources, a strong pool of multilingual talents, and good infrastructure support.”

In welcoming Kerry Logistics, Penang Chief Minister Mr Lim Guan Eng said, “Kerry Logistics’ global presence and experience in the logistics arena will help strengthen Penang’s position as a regional logistics and IT hub. Kerry Logistics follows a long list of Forbes 500 companies that have sited their principal facilities here.”